Workshop/Orientation for Filipino Volunteer Teachers


(With the BFEC officers in our traditional dress)

A workshop/orientation was held last 27th August 2017 for the 15th Filipino Language and Cultural Enrichment Programme that is organized yearly by Brunei Filipino Educators’ Club (BFEC) in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy.

This annual workshop is conducted by LC’s Filipino Language Lecturer Frieda Marie Bonus-Adeva, who is one of BFEC’s advisers since 2013, to prepare and facilitate the volunteer teachers in Filipino language teaching methods and techniques, syllabus-making and lesson planning. Since last year, the programme started adopting the Philippine K to 12 curriculum integrating Asean cultures in the lesson.

The programme entitled ‘Pilipino Po Ako, Mag-aral Tayo ng Pilipino’ ‘I am a Filipino, Let’s Learn to Speak Filipino,’ is held for free every year at the Philippine Embassy at Jalan Kebangsaan.  It is an intensive programme held for a week during school holidays in Brunei that aims to teach Filipino language and culture to Filipino children born and raised in Brunei.  It offers programmes for three levels: Beginners (ages 5-7), Juniors (ages 8-12), and Seniors (ages 13-17). 

This is an answer to the request of thousands of Filipino families working in Brunei who usually send back their children to the Philippines for university studies.  As has been observed in the past years, children returning back in the Philippines for further studies usually fail in their Filipino language modules. 

Aside from language lessons, children are also taught Philippine national symbols, literature, regional cultures, festivals, traditional games and Asean cultures. The programme usually ends with ‘Palarong Pinoy’ Filipino traditional Games like luksong tinik ‘jumping over thorns’, hitting the pot, tumbang preso ‘knock down the prisoner’, patintero ‘lit. try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you’, luksong lubid ‘skipping rope’, Chinese Garter and limbo rock.  There are also cultural presentations by students showcasing Filipino poems, songs, and dances.


(with the Volunteer teachers)