Language & Culture Week 2016


(The picture above shows guest of honour Associate Professor Dr Mohammad Ayub Sadiq, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) of UBD dressed in Japanese Yukata.)

The Language Centre hosted a fun, informative and ultimately successful event at Chancellor Hall in March 2016. Language and Culture Week 2016 was well attended with visits from university students, school groups and the public. The event formed part of UBDs 30th anniversary celebrations. In particular it aimed to build awareness within the Brunei community of both local and international languages.

Language & Culture Week 2016


Language and Culture Week, 2016 forms part of the ongoing UBD 30th Anniversary celebrations. Inside the venue visitors were able to watch cooking demonstrations and sample the results. Entertainment included French song performances, German violin recitals, poetry readings, calligraphy, Dusun dance, Filipino dance, dressups in Yukata and Hanbok and many, many more offerings. Visitors were able to sample food from a wide range of countries with food stalls immediately outside the main event selling a range of Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and other foods. The event was well-attended and was highly educational for both language students and visitors.