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Japanese Modules

UBD students can study up to six units of Japanese which they can build to a minor as part of their degree program.

Currently the Japanese modules are in the process of being benchmarked to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This will ensure that the modules continue to be in keeping with best practice and international standards.


Japanese Culture Week 2015 Slideshow

Students enjoyed their efforts in making Japanese Culture Week 2015 a success.

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Kendama at Japanese Culture Week, 2015

Yusuke Ito, the world's only professional Kendama Master delights the crowd with his skills.

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sp showjapanese


Japanese Language and Culture Week, held at Times Square, was organaised by The Embassy of Japan with support from BJFA UBD Chapter and UBD Language Centre (among others) over the period 18th to 20th March.

UBD students spent two months making a gorgeous glowing Sakura tree at the request of the Japanese Embassy.
(See large picture on right - Sakura tree stands behind Japanese Ambassador).

The Yukata dress-up was a popular attraction and the public also enjoyed playing traditional Japanese games.

Dances filmed at Times Square March 2016 as part of Japanese Culture Week.

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UBD Japanese dance

Soran Bushi Dance

UBD Japanese dance

Tatsumaki Dance

Japanese in Brunei

The event was covered by local newspapers.

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BJFA UBD Chapter was invited by FunBeePark to join their charity activity Art Walk and Fun Fantastic Fair to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation (YASKA).

Every Wednesday BJFA UBD students stayed late to make Ningyo bookmarks and Calligraphy bookmarks to sell at the charity event.

In addtion to the bookmarks students also cooked Takoyaki to sell and conducted a Sushi making workshop for children ($1 to join the workshop). 

It was a very busy day with no time to have lunch at all! But thanks to their hard work, the students successfully raised $175.

There were also lots of professional vendors to help raise funds and altogether $100,000 was raised on the day.

Event organisers appreciated BJFA UBD Chapter’s hard work and provided a certificate of Participation for them.

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Jpnfunbee Jpnfunbee


Students involved in the BJFA UBD Chapter recently enjoyed visits from two groups of Japanese university students. A group of nine students came from Rakunou University and gave a presentation introducing their region, Hokkaido, and they talked about university life in Japan. UBD students in turn gave a presentation about both Brunei and Malay culture.

After the presentation both groups enjoyed chatting over Malay sweets and drinks.

The second group of visitors came from Rikkyo University; one of UBDs 13 partner universities. This visit to UBD in general and to BJFA UBD Chapter in particular, is a much anticipated annual event. This year the students went to Muara beach where they enjoyed playing a mix of both traditional Malay and traditional Japanese ball games. The students got along well and promised to meet up in either Japan or in Brunei in the future.

These visits provide an excellent opportunity to share cultures and develop friendships. They also foster strong relationships between the universities involved. One UBD student commented that being able to interact with Japanese students is one of the advantages of joining BJFA UBD Chapter.

Brunei Rakunou


Guest of Honour at Language and Culture Week, 2016 was Yang Mulia Associate Professor Dr Mohd Ayub Sadiq @ Lin Naing , Assistant Vice Chancellor
(Academic Affairs).


In the photos top right, students are dressing Professor Ayub in a Japanese Yukata.


Japanese language students and their lecturers Ms Yuki Akita and Ms Sakuya organised a number of activities for the 4-day event held in Chancellor Hall in March 2016. These included Japanese Dance, Kendo performances, Temakizushi, Japanese calligraphy as well as opportunities to dress up in Yukata - which proved to be very popular.


The photos in the middle row show a calligraphy lesson, students posing with Japanese lecturers Ms Sakuya (far right) and Ms Yuki who is dressed in local Brunei costume. The last photo shows Ms Yuki with a group of volunteers in an impromptu meeting.


The third row of photos shows visitors posing in Yukata and the last picture is a Japanese display.


The videos in the last row are of visitors dressing in Yukata, a Japanese ball game and the last video was made by students; it shows some of the activities enjoyed by Japanese language students during the semester.


Event Photos - Click to enlarge

Japanese Japanese Japanese
Japanese Japanese Japanese
Japanese Japanese Japanese

Videos - Click thumbnails to play


Yukata dress up fun!


Japanese Ball Game


Japanese Language Classes


Calligraphy was on the agenda at a recent meeting of the BJFA UBD Chapter. Members invited Ms Asako, a calligraphy teacher, who taught them the three essential strokes that make up Japanese Kanji.

Students practiced the strokes on newspaper before committing to a final version. They had brushes, ink and a choice of kanji to work on. Results were promising.

The event was well-attended and included both members and non-members. See more photos here.
Learn more about Japanese calligraphy here.






Japanese ambassador, Ms Noriko Iki presents a JF Nihongo Network Certificate to UBD Assistant Vice Chancellor Dr Joyce Teo Siew Yean and Ag Director Of the LC, Associate Professor Dr Noor Azam.

In 2015 UBD Language Centre became a member of the Sakura Network (aka JF Nihongo Network).

At the meeting further bilateral exchange between students from the two countries was discussed. Dr Joyce expressed UBDs thanks to the Japan Foundation, the Ambassador and the Japanese Embassy for their support.

The Embassy issued a written statement n which they said "It is expected that UBD plays a significant role in terms of enhancing Japanese language education in Brunei and in the region by utilising various support programmes provided by the Japan Foundation.”


During the semester LJ-2404 (Japanese Level 3) did a presentation about their favourite cafes/restaurants.

Their presentations were combined into a booklet which can be used as a guidebook for Japanese people living in Brunei.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first café/restaurant guide book in Brunei written entirely in Japanese!

It will become a resource for Japanese classes and will also be housed at the UBD library for the Japanese exchange students to browse.

Acting Director, Dr. Azam gifteda copy to the Embassy recently. They were pleased and requested extra copies.

Congratulations to the students of LH2404 on a job well done!



Japanese LJ2404 (Level 3) students enjoyed the end of term activity; Nagashi-somen (Flowing Noodles).

Somen (boiled noodles) are a kind of wheat noodle usually eaten cold. Nagashi Somen is a traditional summer-time activity.

For Nagashi Somen the nooldes are put in water that flows along a bamboo gutter. The challenge is to catch the noodles with your chopsticks. Once caught, the somen are dipped into a sauce, and eaten.

Traditionally the fun begins when the server says, "Ikuyo!" meaning "The somen is coming. Are you ready?" At this point chopstick skills come to the fore!

The activity is fun and and provides cool, refreshment at parties in the summer season.  

Usually it is only Somen that flows along the bamboo gutter, but LJ2402 students got creative and put a Brunei twist on the celebrations. They enjoyed flowing tomatoes and jellies as well as the somen.  

A lot of fun was had by all.



The Japanese Language Lecturer, Ms Yuki Akita, and her students are always very active engaging in a range of activites in the community and around the university.

Brunei Japan Friendship Association (BJFA) members enjoyed a highly successful visit to RIPAS hospital in September 2015.

Association members prepared origami cranes for the 30 children at the hospital and visited each child at their bedside, chatting to them and giving them cranes.

After that, the visitors conducted an origami session for the children teaching them how to make a boat and a Samurai hat.

It was heartwarming to see students passing on Japanese culture to young people. The interaction included lots of laughter and fun. It was a great day for students and the children alike. And it was a bonus to have the visit covered in the local paper.

Japanese UBD

Japanese Speech Contest 2015   VIEW Prize Winning Speeches

Students recently participated in the annual Japanese Speech Contest for 2015. After much rehearsal they took their turn at the podium and delivered speeches in either the Beginner or the Advanced category.

The event was attended by representatives from the Japanese Embassy and the Language Centre as well as former and current students. All students performed credibly.

Congratulations to the two prizewinners; one of whom is taking away a return flight to Japan. Thank you to all our sponsors and to those who lend their support.

Click images to watch the prize winning speeches. Japanese Speech Contest Beginner Winner 2015
  Japanese Speech Contest Beginner Winner 2015

Exchange program-Shizuoka

Another recent opportunity for students studying Japanese was mixing with students from the Shizuoka Exchange program. Shizuoka students visit UBD annually for a four-day homestay / culture exchange program.

It was nice to see students exchanging email addresses and phone numbers and it was a great opportunity for our students to use their Japanese.

Japanese UBD Japansese UBD Japanese UBD
Japanese speech contest 2015 Japanese speech contest Japanese speech contest
shizuoka1 shizuoka1
shizuoka1 shizuoka1

Hari Raya Japanese Style, 2015  

Around 40 people took part in the BJFA Hari Raya celebrations. The event was attended by current students, Exchange students and former UBD Chapter members.

BJFA was established in 2004 and is one of the longest running UBD associations. Former members are quite active.
hariraya hariraya hariraya hariraya hariraya2

Appreciation Ceremony for Volunteers
who helped make Japanese Culture Week 2015 a success

An Appreciation Ceremony for Japanese Culture Week 2015 was held by the Language Centre on the 7th May.

BJFA UBD Chapter members, 97 volunteers, PMUBD representatives, Estate, OSHE (Office of Safety, Health and Environment) and Student Affairs were invited to receive a CERTIFICATE of APPRECIATION for their contribution to making the event a success. Dr Mohamed Mohi El-Din Ahmed, Dk Hailmyana binti Pg Md Yusof and Hjh Noorzinah binti Hj Manggong were also invited to receive a Certificate for  their contribution as LC staff.


These photos show some of the proceedings of the event. Japanese Lecturer Ms Yuki appears in the second photo, standing on the left. LC Director Mr Saidai Hitam appears in the 4th photo awarding a certificate to a volunteer. The 3rd photo represents an important part of any event at UBD, makan!

Norimaki Competition

Students in LJ-2403 (Level 2 Japanese) recently donned their chefs hats to compete in a Norimaki (Rolled Sushi) making competition. The six groups were required to make an original Norimaki and a creative one. One group took creativity to a new high by including banana. Sensei Yuki declined to taste that one!

Students voted on the best sushi and the winning group (below, bottom left) revealed their secret ingredients; baked cheese, pepperoni and crushed chips.


Japanese Cultural Week 2015

UBD Recently co-hosted Japanese Cultural Week with the Japanese Embassy. Guest of Honour, Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Yusoff bin Haji Ismail, Deputy Minister of Education, opened the ceremony. Ms Noriko Iki, Japanese Ambassador to Brunei, made a speech in which she expressed her gratitude to the Ministry of Education for its role in strengthening bilateral relations.

The theme for the event, 'Mukashi Banashi' (Tales of Long Ago) promoted an awareness of Japanese folklore and culture. Guests included an International Ikebana Master, Risho Saito, and a Kendama performer, Yusuke Ito. Yusuke, who had the crowd enthralled, has twice been recognised by the Guinness World Book of Records.

Other highlights included; Washoku (Japanese cooking), a Manga contest and origami.

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