Dr Jana Heilmaier

Visiting Academic(German)

  • Office 12, 3rd floor, Language Centre/University Technology Hub (UTH) builiding

  • jana.heilmaier@ubd.edu.bn
  • +673 2463001 ext.2554


Ph.D Comeinius University

DaF German as a foreign language, University Kassel

Diploma Teacher of German Language and Literature & Italian Language and Literature (University Ss Cyril and Methodius)

Teaching Areas

  • LG-1403 German I
  • LG-2403 German II
  • Intercutural Communication for FASS
  • Television Studies for FASS

Research Areas

  • Development of effective intercultural methodology for teaching and learning of Foreign Languages
  • Science of Communication
  • Etiquette and Protocol
  • Involving Aesthetical Principles in the Learning and Teaching processes of foreign languages in interaction with local culture, traditions and heritage

Selected Publications

  • Intercultural Communication - from the aesthetical point of view 2012- Comenius University
  • The Power of the Word from the Aesthetical Communicative Point of View.2017. International Journal for Linguistics and Language
  • (Event) Attended as a speaker at the 18th SEA Conference held in UBD

Services & Consultancy

  • Cultural Event Management
  • Business Development-International Design Center Berlin
  • Teaching German
  • Science of Communication in the modern society
  • Etiquette and Protocol - seminars for different target groups (children, adults, companies)