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Arabic Festival 2014

The inaugural Arabic Festival, Mahrajan Al-Arabiyyah, held at the Student Centre, UBD, on April 17, 2014 was an enormous success enticing curious visitors to learn more about the Middle East and its culture.

Exhibitions by the Arab Embassies and the aromas of Arabic food transported guests to the region as they viewed and engaged with displays of camels, coffee pots, clothing, rugs and a majlis. Guests enjoyed the Khat competition and Nasyid performance. The huge numbers of students dressed in Jubah also added to authenticity and fun feel of the event.

The festival elegantly achieved its aims which included the promotion of Arabic Language Modules taught by the LC; the opportunity for students to develop both event management skills and Arabic communication skills; the strengthening of the ukhuwwah (relationship) between students studying Arabic at UBD and other universities in Brunei; and finally the continuing development of the relationship between UBD and the Arab embassies.

The festival was organized by the Language Centre in collaboration with the Arabic Culture Club, UBD and supported by the Arab Embassies. Distinguished guests included His Excellency Ahmed bin Hashil al Maskari and representatives from the Embassies of Qatar, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah guests were welcomed by AP Dr. Mohd Ayab Sadik AVC (Academic) UBD and the event was officially opened. It is hoped that the Arabic Festival will become an annual event on the UBD calendar.