News English Language Proficiency Programme for RTB

English Language Proficiency Programme for RTB

August 29, 2020

Liyana Putri binti Hj Abd Ghani

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – The English Language and Communication Skills Team (ELCS) from the Language Centre, UBD, conducted an English Language Proficiency workshop for RTB staff at RTB’s Training and Development Centre (also known as the Centre for Broadcasting Development) in Kampong Madang. The programme, which focused on English pronunciation, was facilitated by English language lecturers from LC, Dr Ishamina binti Hj Muntassir, Hjh Suciyati binti Hj Sulaiman, and Liyana Putri binti Hj Abd Ghani. The workshop began with participants first being introduced to the basics of English pronunciation, such as the number of sounds in the English language and how these sounds are made, and later followed up with practical strategies on how to identify as well as form them, with a particular focus on more challenging words. In the afternoon, the participants were then able to put their newly-acquired knowledge to the test in a more hands-on session, with multiple activities demonstrating the value of being aware of the scope of English language sounds, in addition to the importance of being able to navigate the often perplexing field of English pronunciation by utilizing the strategies they have just learned. The full-day workshop then concluded with a brief closing ceremony where the facilitators were presented with certificates of appreciation by representatives of RTB.