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Ms Eum Sangran

Korean, Education Officer

Office 18, 3rd floor, Language Centre / University Technology Hub (UTH) building +673 2463001 ext. 2408

Academic Backgrounds

  • BA, Hanguk University of Foreign Studies, Korea (1994) 

  • MA, Graduate School in Ewha Womens’ University, Korea (2011)

  • Certificate of Korean Teacher (2nd level), National Institute of Korean Language, Korea (2014)

Teaching Areas

  • Korean languages Level 1- 6

Research Areas

  • Error Analysis

  • Intercultural Studies

• [Classroom & Outdoor Activities Textbook for Korean Studies], sponsored by Ministry of Education (November 2008)

• [Korean National Heritages for children(찬란한 우리 문화 유산)] Eum Sangran, Aram Publishing, published (August 2008)

• [Korean Geography for Children(산도 많고 물도 맑은 우리나라)] Eum Sangran, Aram Publishing, published (August 2008)

• [World Traveling Guide(오밀조밀 모여 사는 지구촌)] Eum Sangran, Aram Publishing, published (August 2008)

• [Dictionary of the Future(미래 생활 사전)] By author Faith Popcorn (USA), Translated by Eum Sangran & co-translators, published in 2002.

• [The Case Study of the Topic Presentation Assessment for Korean Learners in UBD], [2017 Korean Educators Abroad International Conference], Seoul, Korea, 2017

• [Developing the Textbook based on Error Analysis for Korean learners in UBD], [29th International Conference on Korean Studies], Hanoi, Vietnam, 2019