New Trends and Issues in Teaching Filipino to Non-Native Speakers

Teaching Arabic Language Skills for Beginners According to the Objectives of Common European Framework Reference (CEFR), Through Computer Based Language Learning Games

Adveva, F.M. ‘New Trends and Issues in Teaching Filipino to Non-Native Speakers: The Case in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.’ February, 2016.


The Teaching of Filipino Language to non-native speakers has been so challenging all these years. The foremost problem is that Filipino and other Philippine-type languages are not yet fully studied and analyzed in terms of their forms and functions in contexts. The challenge goes on like a domino effect as to what methods and techniques are most effective in teaching and learning the language.

This paper imparts the experiences and challenges that the teachers of Filipino are facing in Malaysia and Brunei. This will include methodology and teaching strategies, designed modules, testing techniques, technology and innovations to teaching Filipino to Malaysians and Bruneians within their own contexts. This paper will also present a brief development of the Filipino Language Program at Universiti Malaya (UM) and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD).